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2013 Film Release Schedule


Ahhh, 2012 says goodbye, and 2013 is almost here. Here’s some highlights for the next year I’m looking forward to.

1/18 The Last Stand (Schwarzenneger)
2/1 Warm Bodies (Zombie comedy)
2/14 Die Hard 5
2/22 Dark Skies
3/1 Last Exorcism Part 2
3/15 From Up on Poppy Hill (Miyazaki), Carrie
3/22 The Croods
3/29 GI Joe 2
4/12 Oblivion, Evil Dead (remake)
5/3 Iron Man 3
5/17 Star Trek Into Darkness
3/24 Hangover 3
6/7 After Earth (will smith, M. Night), Much Ado about Nothing (Whedon)
6/14 Man of Steel
6/21 Monsters University, World War Z
6/28 Kick Ass 2
7/3 Despicable Me 2
7/12 Pacific rim
7/19 RIPD
7/26 The Wolverine
8/2 Red 2
8/9 Elysium (Blomkamp)
8/30 Insidious Chapter 2
9/27 The Tomb (Shwarzenegger, Stallone)
10/4 Sin City 2
10/11 The Occult
10/18 The Seventh Son
10/25 Paranormal Activity 5
11/1 Enders Game
11/8 Thor: The Dark Worlds
11/22 Hunger Games 2
11/27 Frozen (Disney Animated, Kristen Bell)
12/13 Hobbit 2 (put here for brevity)
12/20 Saving Mr. Banks (tom hanks, Disney true story)
12/25 Jack Ryan

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Sons of Anarchy – Best on TV


While I love Breaking Bad almost to a fault, Sons of Anarchy is a show so fantastic, you almost want to rewind and watch it again and again.  Nearly every episode since the end of Season 1 has been explosive, well acted, heartbreaking at times, and incredibly fun to watch.  I have not enjoyed a series this much on television since Buffy went off the air nearly a decade ago.  Season 5 is gearing up to start, and if you have not seen this show, you owe it to yourself to play catchup.  You will not be disappointed.

The acting is phenomenal.  The story is both intense and moving.  There’s a lot of action.  A lot of action.  Ron Perlman has never been better.  Maggie Siff is incredibly hot.  Charlie Hunnam is outstanding.  A ladies man, but someone to fear, for sure.  Katey Segal steals every scene she’s in.  She’s over the top, but has just some of the funniest dialogue I’ve ever heard.  There’s just too much to like about this show, and I don’t want to spill anything.  It’s like watching Hamlet mixed with Die Hard.

Season 5 starts 9/11/12.  FX.

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